Would you like to know more about PictureMyLife and the functionalities?

Here you can check out our instruction videos. If you scroll down a bit you will find manuals and more information about the functionalities in PictureMyLife.

(Subtitles in English will be available shortly.)

Get started with PictureMyLife!

The video explains how you register and get started with your communication in PictureMyLife.

(Subtitles in English will be available shortly.)

Change password, profile image and text for the main user

How to add a profile image, text and how to change the password for the main user.

It is easy to make a post in PictureMyLife

See how you make a post in PictureMyLife. You can upload your own photos and choose images from the image bank with Pictogram, Ritade Tecken, Widgit and sign language videos from Svenskt Teckenspråkslexikon. You can also choose when to publish your post.

A small manual for PictureMyLife

You can read about how to start using PictureMyLife in our manuals. And how to make a post with images, text and sign language and more. Download parts of the manual here. (More parts and updates in progress.)