It started with a Swedish “fika”…

…and a conversation about new innovations in the end of 2013. We talked about different ideas and Lisa told us about her experiences as a mother to a son with Downs Syndrome. She had been looking for digital tools to make life easier to communicate for her son. She had not found anything that could work for the purposes she was looking for and needed. So we started to think… what if we could actually build a platform together? A digital communication tool for children with special needs and their families.

After several meetings, drafts and sketches and a lot of conversations… and by the end of the summer of 2014 we were a team of 4 women. We started PictureMyLife in september and now the actual work could begin! With great enthusiasm we started the development of a digital image based tool together.

We want it to be really easy

We say it is time to bring the old paper pamphlets and notes into this century and to make them digital and easy to access online.

PictureMyLife works as a communication tool between parents, children, teachers and other support staff and people in the persons/main users social network. The main user and invitees can post images, videos, illustrations, sign language and text in PictureMyLife. The communication in PictureMyLife is safe and easy to use, it saves valuable time and stimulates communication.

To make all this possible and valid we have had a fokus group consisting of parents, educators, doctors and mentors. They have contributed with valuable information, aspects and advice.

The future

Welcome to share your life on PictureMyLife! Our core values are participation, independence and of course communication. We take our core values seriously and strive for constantly making PictureMyLife a tool easy to use for all. We also want an ongoing communication with our users and we love feedback! It helps us in the development to make our tool even more user friendly and innovative. Please, contact us if you have feedback or questions!